Smart Shoes: The Next Step in Footwear (and Technology)

Get ready to “86” your old sneakers. First, we told you about Google Glass and head-gadgets…now let us tell you about some techno-gadgetry for your feet. No, it’s not a shoe phone… it’s a shoe phone charger. Lace up a pair of these smart shoes and you’ll be on your way to self-sufficiency—or at least to powering your phone or iPod.

Power Up with Smart Shoes

The new shoe-enhancer, invented by 24-year-old Anthony Mutua of Kenya, harnesses your walking energy with cutting edge technology. With every step you take, power is generated by a crystal chip and sent, via cable, directly to the devices that you use the most. Or, if you’re worried about people mistaking you for a murderous robot from the future, then you can store the charge until you’re safely out of sight and can plug in inconspicuously.

Mutua’s shoe device has the capacity to power multiple phones (for those who carry one for each ear) provided that you walk enough. Reportedly, it can be placed into any shoe except a bathroom slipper, and there wouldn’t be much point to that anyway. We’re also assuming that wet shoes would be a poor choice for an electronic device, but there’s no official word on that.

The walk-and-charge smart shoes haven’t been mass-produced yet, but they seem to be on track for just that. So next time your phone dies in the middle of an important conversation, or during an emergency or power outage, or after you’ve been on hold for an hour-and-a-half and finally reached a person… just remember this nifty bit of hardware and hope it lands on shelves soon!

Sensible Smart Shoes

Oh, and about that shoe phone…that’s sort of in development, too. ShoeSense consists of sensors (in shoes, naturally) that recognize and respond to hand and arm gestures and communicate the proper information to your smartphone. In concept, the sensors could be small enough to attach to your shoelaces, and would be useful in situations where taking out your phone would be rude or inconvenient.

Your feet are on the fast track to the future—what do you think will be the next shoe/technology hybrid?

photo credit: Tim.Deering via photopin cc


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