iWant an iWatch

For years now, cell phones have been making wristwatches unnecessary. Ask someone on the street what time it is and they will invariably check their cell phone for the answer. So it’s ironic (or perhaps opportunistic) that the leading smartphone manufacturer, Apple, stands poised to step into the void that it helped create and resurrect the popularity of wristwatches. The latest foray into wearable technology, the iWatch, could be available later this year, according to Bloomberg.

Don’t expect the iWatch to replace your phone, however; Apple wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot like that. More likely, it will act as a linked supplement to the iPhone’s functions and perhaps as a more discreet method of accessing it. Rumored to be in development are features like caller ID and call management, so you can make calls easily or send someone to voicemail without fumbling in your pocket during a meeting/funeral/Mexican standoff. Previews/notifications of text messages or Tweets could be conveniently displayed, so you could tell at a glance whether to take out your phone or not.

An exciting prospect for the iWatch is its potential for fitness applications. Though not officially confirmed, it’s said that it will contain a built-in pedometer and possibly even sensors for heart rate monitoring. Mapping abilities are a likely candidate for inclusion in the device, and with the popularity of “Track my route” applications among athletes, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Apple’s take on that. You might even be able to charge the iWatch by exercising, if this Apple patent for a wrist display powered by kinetic energy is any indication.

Personally, I’d love an excuse to go back to wearing a watch. I was determined not to use my cell phone as a timepiece, but when my last watch finally fell apart last year, I never got around to replacing it. The iWatch might be just the incentive I need!

What do you think–would an iWatch be worth getting? What features should it have?

And for those who think an iWatch would be awesome, but dread the price tag…might I suggest attaching a chain to your iPhone and telling people that it’s the “Pocket iWatch”?

I’ll only get Google Glass when it comes in a monocle.

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc
photo credit: slowburn♪ via photopin cc


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