True Wireless Charging on the Horizon for Samsung and Apple

Word on the Web has it that the next Samsung Galaxy phone, the Galaxy G4, will feature accessories for wireless inductive charging, like the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920, or the HTC Windows Phone 8X, which has the feature built-in. We’re definitely excited about that prospect, but they almost went with an even more advanced wireless charging system, one that wouldn’t require direct contact with a charging plate, and we can’t help but wonder what might have been.

The Future of Wireless Charging

The usefulness of available wireless charging apparatuses is limited by the need for direct contact with a charging pad or plate. It’s great if you’re allergic to (or just hate) cables, but it’s really just a minor convenience for most people. True laziness will only be achieved when we master no-contact wireless charging by way of resonant inductive coupling. That may sound like a dating service for smartphones, but it’s actually an older technology (first used by Nikola Tesla in 1894) that could allow devices to recharge at a range of 1-2 meters from the power source. Now that would be convenient!

This no-touch charging technology is currently being developed by The Alliance for Wireless Power, which Samsung belongs to, so chances are we’ll see it on a future Samsung phone. Meanwhile, however, Apple has filed a similar patent that could bring the companies head-to-head…again. Our forecast? A flurry of lawsuits will precipitate any release of no-contact charging devices, but they’ll probably both go ahead with them anyway. Personally, we can’t wait to toss our charger cables!

photo credit: Jim Bauer via photopin cc


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