Creating your own Serialized Accessories

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In the event that you want to serialize an accessory that does not arrive with a serial number, ROSS can generate those serial numbers for you.

  1. Click on “Session Info”

    1. Enter a Vendor and an Invoice/Purchase Order# (If you do not have one, I recommend using the YYYY-MM-DD-COUNT Method, eg  2016-10-13-1
    2. Click “OK”
  2. If your Product Type is already added Skip to step 4
  3. If your Product Type is not already added
    1. Select “Add Type”
    2. Enter your product details, remembering to select “Serialized” under “Type”
    3. Click “Add”
  4. Select “Serialized” on the left
  5. Choose your Product Type from the dropdown box
  6. Enter Bought Price
  7. Click “Generate Serial No”
  8. Click “Add”
  9. After you have finished adding all the serialized products Go to Stats->Inventory->Inventory Session Search
  10. Enter your PO and click “Search”
  11. Right click on the output Select “Export All”->”Export to CSV”
  12. Import into your favorite label printer or mail merge program.
    1. If you do not have one, I suggest Avery Label Merge for Google Docs
    2. If you do not use Google Docs, LibreOffice is another free alternative but is notably harder to use.