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When logging in, the first thing you will see is your intranet. This is the central communications area for your company. The intranet is broken into three sections.

The most dominant is going to be your “Intranet message” section. This section is broken up into tabs which managers can edit. Under each tab managers can post important messages regarding that topic so that your reps can be as up to date as possible. Each rep can mark messages “read” so that they can clearly see new messages, and you, as a manager can pull reports of who has acknowledged each message.

The intranet Message board is just like a message board you will find on the Internet. This is a tool for, say proactive sales reps to share their secrets, post questions or comments or any creative purpose you can find for it.

Last, but certainly not least is the important files sections. This is a section where you can post any files that you need your reps to have access to at their fingertips. Files like phone rebates, Contracts, Commission schedules, new hire paperwork or even Internet websites. 
To add a folder or file, right click on the name of the category you would like to add it to.