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I just got a new computer, how do I set ROSS up on it?

To download ROSS go to About 1/2 way down the page you will see a button for “Download Demo”. Right below that there is a link that says “Download full version”. Click this, download and install the most recent ROSS version. After installing, ROSS will prompt you for a CD-Key. If you have access to the TryROSS username and password, you can click “Get Key” on the lower left corner of the CD-Key dialogue and generate a key right there. If you do not have access to the TryROSS username and password, contact your manager to obtain a CD-Key for you.

I am getting a time out on ross? How to resolve this?

This issue is caused when there is something between the software and the server touching the transmission. The two most common cases this happens are :

When you have a firewall/antivirus program like Norton or Mcafee that is trying to scan the traffic that ROSS is sending and receiving You are going through a proxy server. If you are not aware of using a proxy server that can be a sign that you have a virus.

In essence what the root error is saying is that the data has been tampered with.

If you have a firewall or antivirus program, please try disabling it for a day to see if that helps the issue. If not, please try running some of the popular malware removal tools such as:

1. adaware
2. spybot search & destroy
3. malwarebytes

All can be found through a quick google, or following the links above.

Is ROSS available on Mac, iPhone, Android etc?

ROSS is developed for PCs, but using the LogMeIn Free service from, you can access it on most other platforms.


LogMeIn Free, also has a free client for Macs, just visit to get started


Visit the Appstore and search for LogMeIn. There is a $30 app you will need, then you can be off and running.


Visit the marketplace, search for LogMeIn. With this $30 app you can be off ROSS-Droiding!

I received the following error, what can I do?

Internet Connection Not Found

This means there is some sort of break in the line between your computer and our server. That simply needs to be restored, but diagnosing it can be difficult.

The most common issue, and especially If you have just installed ROSS is a firewall. Make sure that all firewalls (Windows, Norton, McAfee etc.) on your computer and internet equipment (Router, Modem etc) are configured to allow ROSS through. If they appear to be, you can attempt disabling the firewall completely. If that works, please consult your network admin for reconfiguration.

Next, try visiting If you are unable to access this, try rebooting your Modem, Router and computer (in that order). If you ARE able to access that, there is something specifically blocking your the ROSS Software. Since you have eliminated any firewalls issues, it is most likely some form of malware. Please contact your Computer administrator for further diagnosis.

Unable to establish a trusted connection with server

98% of the time this is because the date is set incorrectly on your computer. Most common is the year. If the date IS set correctly, then you could be missing a security certificate or have malware on your computer. Please contact your computer administrator.

No Available Connections

Connections are like phone lines on your server. When they are all used up, you don’t have the ability to make another call. This is usually resolved by having another user log out. If you are certain that there are not too many users logged in, the account holder can log into and terminate existing connections. If a computer stops communicating with the server without logging out, it’s connection will be automatically terminated in 5-15 minutes.