What To Expect at the 2013 Mobile World Congress

If you didn’t get your mobile technology fix at CES 2013, it’s okay! The Mobile World Congress is right around the corner…in Barcelona. So book your plane tickets and hotel rooms, download a Spanish-to-English Translator App, and sit back for a preview of what the biggest cellular luchadores will bring to the ring later this month!


In one corner, we’ve got Samsung, the South Korean juggernaut. Oft accused of imitation (notably by Apple in the form of lawsuits), this cellular powerhouse has more recently been receiving serious acclaim for innovation. The Galaxy Note, initially laughed at by industry bloggers like Gizmodo, proved to be a major seller, so it’s no surprise that they’re debuting the 8-inch Galaxy Note 8 slate at MWC this year. The tablet (or “phablet”) is just the right size to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. There are also strong rumors that Samsung will introduce the Dual-SIM Galaxy Young Duos (a variation of the Galaxy Y Duos), but surprisingly the company has confirmed that the Galaxy S4 will not be unveiled.


Chinese challenger HTC has a tagline of “quietly brilliant,” but at CES 2013, they were simply “quiet.” This leads many to believe that they’re saving their strength for Mobile World Congress—they certainly put on a show last year, when they revealed their One X line of phones. Speculation abounds about their M7 project and Sense 5.0, especially after recent photo leaks. We also know that they’re gearing up for a major rebranding, and MWC would provide an excellent audience for their marketing overhaul.


South Korea’s other star of the cellular smackdown, LG, clearly stated that they were waiting until MWC to announce their 2013 mobile lineup. “We’ll be bringing more tier-one handsets in various screen sizes,” said their VP of Marketing, James Fisher. They haven’t clarified much beyond that, but the rumor mill is certainly turning. The Optimus G2 is a strong possibility—leaked specs indicate a 5-inch, 1080p display, a quad-core 1.7GHz processor, and a 13-megapixel camera, plus a host of other tantalizing features.


Finland’s contender, Nokia, was another CES holdout, so they must be hoping for a knockout at MWC. The company has devoted much time to developing a tablet, which is expected to have a 10-inch screen, a Snapdragon processor, and the Windows RT operating system (which could certainly use the boost). Other rumors suggest the Lumia 922 will be introduced with significant innovations made to its PureView camera. MWC will be a great press opportunity for Nokia, as CEO Stephen Elop has been announced as a keynote speaker.

Mobile World Congress Wrap-Up

Of course, these are just a few of the competitors in the upcoming Barcelona brawl. Sony, Huawei, and ZTE are all sure to have a presence, and we can never tell what surprises may await or who will come out on top. But one thing is certain: we’ll be watching the 2013 Mobile World Congress closely, even if we don’t have ringside seats!

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