Thinking Outside the Spectrum

Spectrum is a topic of hot debate in the wireless industry, with a multitude of mobile providers crying, “We need more!” Other broadcasters, their Spectrum threatened by a rapidly growing mobile market and a smartphone-dependent public, are quick to point out that providers aren’t even using all that they already have. Even as the FCC was announcing that they would release “a substantial amount of Spectrum for Wi-Fi” to relieve congestion, carriers were warring over how Spectrum ranges should be weighted.

With no easy Spectrum solution in sight, we need to start thinking outside the box. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to make everyone happy.

– Spectrum timeshares

Since providers aren’t using all of their Spectrum all of the time, it only makes sense that they arrange to share it—maybe they’ll learn to play nicer.

– Wheel of Spectrum

Making mobile carriers compete for Spectrum on degrading game shows would be very satisfying for consumers. Nothing takes away the sting of an overage charge like watching your provider’s COO lose a gladiator match over a pit of bees.

– Retire the radio

Seriously, who listens to the radio these days? If you want to hear the same 5 songs from Ke$ha and LMFAO looped endlessly, you can do that on your phone, your mp3 player, your GPS, or maybe even your t-shirt. We’ll always have fond memories of the radio, but it’s time to put it down and free up some Spectrum.

– Fund research into Spectrum synthesis / Spectrum alchemy

Legend tells of a long lost stone that turns regular airwaves into additional bands of Spectrum, but so far no one has found it. Until it turns up, scientific resources should be directed towards creating more Spectrum. If Congress can keep raising the debt ceiling indefinitely, then there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to engineer more Spectrum until there’s enough to go around.

– Borrow Spectrum from undeveloped countries

They’re not really using it for anything, are they?

– Start a trend of “Post-Wireless-ism”

Certain to be popular among the Hipster niche, Post-Wireless-ism would be a return to wired phones and Internet. It’s not regressive, it’s Retro!

Do you have innovative ideas for solving the Spectrum shortage? We want to hear them!


Brent Urmey is an avid reader and writer on a variety of subjects, including social media, SEO, the Wireless industry, and life in Lancaster County, PA. He is a graduate of Drexel University and a survivor of the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. You can connect with Brent on Google +.