Cellular Retail, Reimagined
ROSS is a comprehensive management package for wireless phone dealers. Handling every aspect of the day-to-day, from tracking inventory to generating carrier reports, it reduces the intense workload of the cellular retailer into an easily manageable system.
No Training (almost) - Everyone who has switched to (or switched back to) ROSS agrees, it's easier to use than any other software on the market. Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly interface, managers and employees can pick it up rapidly and get down to business in no time. Streamlined - Scan any barcode and ROSS automatically suggests the relevant next steps, guiding your sales reps through each sale and activation from greeting to receipt. With the efficiency of ROSS, you can process an accessory transaction in under 60 seconds, or a cell phone sale in just two minutes.

"Birth to Grave" tracking - ROSS keeps a detailed history of every phone, employee, and customer, so you can easily look up each step of a product's journey. Rapid Entry - Add new shipments to your inventory with unparalleled speed and accuracy, courtesy of our polished Express Entry feature. And if your Master Dealer uses ROSS, just enter the shipment's ticket number, and you're done!
Customized Reports - Having started in the cellular retail industry ourselves, we put every type of high level report we could imagine into ROSS and then some. Better yet, the Transaction Search gives you the ability to generate custom reports with the specific metrics that you want to see. No More Tiers - Don't pay monthly for additional reports or modules; any additional report can be custom-developed for ROSS with a small, one-time fee.
Master Dealer/Sub Dealer - ROSS was built from the ground up with Master/Sub account linking so you can manage a franchise as effortlessly as a single store. View sub dealer reports in real-time, transfer inventory with ease, and keep plans updated company-wide. Uniting your dealers through ROSS strengthens your business and your brand. Company Cloud - Share important files and messages with your entire team through ROSS's real-time communication portal.