The 60 Second Film Fest: A Victor in Our Midst

For many, Sunday night was a tequila-laden festivity in honor of Cinco de Mayo, mostly forgotten by Monday morning. But for local filmmakers and movie buffs, there was a different cause for celebration: the 2nd Annual 60 Second Film Fest presented by K&W Tire, Fine Living Lancaster, and Penn Cinema.

Mark Pontz, Editor-in-Chief of Fine Living Lancaster, opened up the 60 Second Film Fest with a rousing introduction to a packed movie theater audience at Penn Cinema in Lititz. Penn Ketchum took the floor next, with a few words on behalf of the host theater. Then, each of the contest’s twelve finalists had the opportunity to speak about their films, share their intentions, and impart behind-the-scenes stories to their fans. It was akin to looking through each filmmaker’s lens and seeing what made their creations tick.

Following the introductions, the twelve 60-second films were screened in succession, with two-minute intervals for the judges to write their scores. From a stop-motion chess battle of the sexes to a B-movie music video entitled “Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You,” the entries ran the gamut of styles and genres. They proved that having just one minute to tell a story isn’t quite the limitation that it seems; some told life-spanning stories of social commentary, while others presented a single slice of life. All were well-received by the audience, judging by the hearty applause and raucous bouts of laughter.

And the Winner Is…

The moment of truth came after all of the films had been shown and the judges scores were tabulated. The winner—and here’s where we get to brag a little!—was “The Magic of Juggling,” a film written and directed by our very own blogmaster, Brent Urmey! His 60 second tale of a vengeful juggler won the grand prize of $1000, and you can view it right here:

The second place award of $250 went to Jon Haile’s “Par for the Course”: a Wile E. Coyote-inspired comedy sketch about golf course rivalry.

A third prize for “Fan Favorite” will be awarded in June, and you can view all the entries and vote for the winner here! It’s a great way to support local artists and visionaries, so please take a few minutes and see what Lancaster’s 60 Second Film Fest has to offer, then vote for your favorite.

On behalf of New Covenant Software, ROSS, and SEOlogy, I’d like to congratulate everyone who entered and placed, and encourage you all to start thinking up ideas for next year’s contest!

Image credit: Fine Living Lancaster