Smartphone Kill Switch: A Solution or Just a New Problem?

Lawmakers believe they have a solution to the widespread dilemma of cell phone theft: a mandatory “kill switch” feature that can turn a hi-tech phone into an inoperative paperweight. What could possibly go wrong?


FBI Surveillance Hacks Android Devices, Laptops

In recent months, Americans were aghast to learn that their phone calls were secretly being recorded and collected by a government agency, the NSA, when the extent of their indiscriminate wiretapping program was leaked to the public. But if you think that’s an invasion of privacy, you’d better hope the NSA never gets its hands on FBI surveillance techniques and tactics…such as the ability to remotely turn on the microphones in laptops and Android devices without you knowing it. How’s that for Big Brother? (more…)

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Dilemma

Everyone’s been talking about BYOD this past year, whether they define it as “Bring Your Own Device” or “Bring Your Own Disaster.” The concept is fraught with both risks and rewards for employers and employees alike, and its implementation has often outpaced the establishment of comprehensive policies to manage those risks. In 2013, you can expect that to change—policy is going to catch up because businesses can’t afford for it not to. (more…)

FCC Launches Smartphone Security Initiative

The Christmas season is upon us, and Santa’s sleigh is stocked up with smartphones; it’s estimated that more than 20 million Americans will be gifted (or gift themselves) with a new iPhone, Android, or other smartphone this Christmas. Now, I ask you: what’s the first thing they’ll do when they turn those new smartphones on? (more…)