FIDO: Wearable Technology is Going to the Dogs

Wearable Technology is the latest craze in computing devices, from Google Glass to smart shoes to the rumored iWatch. At this point, we’re practically running out of body parts to strap computers to, but that doesn’t mean that scientists and innovators have given up trying. Some are really starting to think outside of the box…and by “the box,” I mean “the human body.” The next wave of wearable tech may be intended not for man, but for man’s best friend. (more…)

iWant an iWatch

For years now, cell phones have been making wristwatches unnecessary. Ask someone on the street what time it is and they will invariably check their cell phone for the answer. So it’s ironic (or perhaps opportunistic) that the leading smartphone manufacturer, Apple, stands poised to step into the void that it helped create and resurrect the popularity of wristwatches. The latest foray into wearable technology, the iWatch, could be available later this year, according to Bloomberg. (more…)

Smart Shoes: The Next Step in Footwear (and Technology)

Get ready to “86” your old sneakers. First, we told you about Google Glass and head-gadgets…now let us tell you about some techno-gadgetry for your feet. No, it’s not a shoe phone… it’s a shoe phone charger. Lace up a pair of these smart shoes and you’ll be on your way to self-sufficiency—or at least to powering your phone or iPod. (more…)

Wireless Gets in Your Eyes: Google’s Project Glass and Beyond

Fresh on the heels of the Tablet Wars, the technology giants are setting their innovative sights elsewhere—on your eyes. For some, that’s a little too close for comfort, but many are embracing the advent of “augmented reality” hardware. Google sparked the race in earnest with the announcement of “Project Glass,” which promises everyone the opportunity to feel like a Terminator.