App Diet or App A.D.D.?

New research reveals that consumers are spending less time on apps, but feel more engaged by them. In a trend that is similar to some diets, the average person has begun to use apps in smaller portions, and with greater frequency. The question is, does that reflect a decline in the attention span of American culture, or an increase in the quality and efficiency of information delivery through mobile applications? Or is it a deceptive statistic? (more…)

Better SmartPhone Batteries Coming Soon?

Here’s the good news: Researchers at MIT are building a better battery for smartphones, tablets, electric cars, laptops…even missile guidance systems (don’t tell North Korea!). These new smartphone batteries will charge almost instantly and could potentially last for weeks, or even longer, on a single charge. When was the last time your cell phone battery lasted three days without plugging in? (more…)

Can Microsoft’s Sinking Tablet Surface?

While Apple can’t seem to produce enough of its new shrinky-dink iPad Mini tablet, Microsoft can’t give away their freshly launched Surface tablet. Despite boasting an integrated mobile version of the Microsoft Office Suite, 32 GB of storage in the base model, and some impressive hardware, the Surface’s reception has generally been as lukewarm as cafeteria food. Reviews have labeled it “slightly awkward,” “perplexing,” and “frustratingly confusing.” Even Microsoft partner companies like Acer and HP have been critical of the new device. “I’d hardly call Surface competition,” said HP exec Todd Bradley, calling it “slow and kludgey.” (more…)