Wireless Spectrum: Obama Tells Agencies to Share their Blocks

As the burgeoning usage of smartphones and tablets continues to tax the airwaves and eat up available wireless broadband, the need for additional wireless spectrum becomes increasingly more evident. Even the White House recognizes that action must be taken to ensure that America’s broadband networks are future-proofed and to encourage unrelenting wireless innovation. To that effect, Obama has reminded federal agencies (in the form of a directive) to apply a lesson oft-taught on Sesame Street—sharing. (more…)

Thinking Outside the Spectrum

Spectrum is a topic of hot debate in the wireless industry, with a multitude of mobile providers crying, “We need more!” Other broadcasters, their Spectrum threatened by a rapidly growing mobile market and a smartphone-dependent public, are quick to point out that providers aren’t even using all that they already have. Even as the FCC was announcing that they would release “a substantial amount of Spectrum for Wi-Fi” to relieve congestion, carriers were warring over how Spectrum ranges should be weighted.

With no easy Spectrum solution in sight, we need to start thinking outside the box. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to make everyone happy.