Charge Your SmartPhone…by Shouting at It?

In 1878, an exhausted seamstress inspired Thomas Edison to invent a voice-powered sewing machine. The peculiar device worked–sort of–but the technology never quite caught on the way the lightbulb did. Now, a team of Nokia researchers and scientists from Queen Mary University of London want to harness the same power on a grander scale…and use it to charge your smartphone.  (more…)

4G is Nothing Next to “Mobile Fiber”

We’ve talked about small cell technology before, and how it could potentially change the wireless landscape, but newcomer Artemis’ pCell (short for “personal cell”) takes the cake. Promising speeds up to 1000x faster than 4G, mobile coverage areas, reduced infrastructure costs, and even longer battery life for your phone, it sounds like the Holy Grail of small cells.


Smartphone Kill Switch: A Solution or Just a New Problem?

Lawmakers believe they have a solution to the widespread dilemma of cell phone theft: a mandatory “kill switch” feature that can turn a hi-tech phone into an inoperative paperweight. What could possibly go wrong?


Ericsson Radio Dot System: Where No Cell Signal Has Gone Before

When it comes to cell phone service, the average office building might as well be Superman’s Fortress of Solitude—hardly anything gets in or out. But the frustrated cries of office workers in cellular distress have not gone unheard; Swedish telecom giant Ericsson is flying to the rescue with a solution. They call it the Radio Dot System.


Phonebloks: the LEGO-like Modular Smartphone

Innovator Dave Hakkens became an overnight sensation this past week with his concept video for PhoneBloks, the customizable snap-together smartphone. Touted as “a phone worth keeping,” the Phonebloks idea could potentially revolutionize the cell phone industry and begin to dismantle the dominant perspective that tells us cell phones are a disposable commodity. (more…)

App Diet or App A.D.D.?

New research reveals that consumers are spending less time on apps, but feel more engaged by them. In a trend that is similar to some diets, the average person has begun to use apps in smaller portions, and with greater frequency. The question is, does that reflect a decline in the attention span of American culture, or an increase in the quality and efficiency of information delivery through mobile applications? Or is it a deceptive statistic? (more…)

FIDO: Wearable Technology is Going to the Dogs

Wearable Technology is the latest craze in computing devices, from Google Glass to smart shoes to the rumored iWatch. At this point, we’re practically running out of body parts to strap computers to, but that doesn’t mean that scientists and innovators have given up trying. Some are really starting to think outside of the box…and by “the box,” I mean “the human body.” The next wave of wearable tech may be intended not for man, but for man’s best friend. (more…)

Wireless Spectrum: Obama Tells Agencies to Share their Blocks

As the burgeoning usage of smartphones and tablets continues to tax the airwaves and eat up available wireless broadband, the need for additional wireless spectrum becomes increasingly more evident. Even the White House recognizes that action must be taken to ensure that America’s broadband networks are future-proofed and to encourage unrelenting wireless innovation. To that effect, Obama has reminded federal agencies (in the form of a directive) to apply a lesson oft-taught on Sesame Street—sharing. (more…)

CTIA 2013 Wrap Up

Another CTIA Show has come and gone. The booths are boxed up, the speakers have gone home, and the Sands Expo & Convention Center is no doubt preparing for the next large event. But what an event it was! Tens of thousands of wireless industry veterans mingling with each other and checking out the latest technology, software, accessories, and ideas in the heart of Las Vegas—that’s what CTIA is all about.  (more…)

Amazon Aiming for Apple?

Members of the rumor mill can pat themselves on the back—as many suspected, online retail giant Amazon has been quietly developing a smartphone of their own. In fact, a new report from the Wall Street Journal says they’re working on two of them, and one will be 3D.  (more…)