Charge Your SmartPhone…by Shouting at It?

In 1878, an exhausted seamstress inspired Thomas Edison to invent a voice-powered sewing machine. The peculiar device worked–sort of–but the technology never quite caught on the way the lightbulb did. Now, a team of Nokia researchers and scientists from Queen Mary University of London want to harness the same power on a grander scale…and use it to charge your smartphone.  (more…)

FCC “Fast Lanes” Already Killing Internet Startups

When net neutrality was struck down by a U.S. Appeals Court earlier this year, the rage and upset that the Internet responded with may have seemed like an overreaction to some. Bleak headlines seemed to herald the internet apocalypse, and non-techies took it with a grain of salt, like Harold Camping or the Mayan Apocalypse. But the truth is that the death of net neutrality has already begun to reshape the future of the Internet, and it will be the cable companies and ISPs, not the consumers, who reap the benefits.


4G is Nothing Next to “Mobile Fiber”

We’ve talked about small cell technology before, and how it could potentially change the wireless landscape, but newcomer Artemis’ pCell (short for “personal cell”) takes the cake. Promising speeds up to 1000x faster than 4G, mobile coverage areas, reduced infrastructure costs, and even longer battery life for your phone, it sounds like the Holy Grail of small cells.


Smartphone Kill Switch: A Solution or Just a New Problem?

Lawmakers believe they have a solution to the widespread dilemma of cell phone theft: a mandatory “kill switch” feature that can turn a hi-tech phone into an inoperative paperweight. What could possibly go wrong?


Sponsored Data: AT&T’s “Solution” to Data Caps

In the face of mounting data usage and data cap criticism, AT&T may have found a way to keep those caps in place while shifting resentment towards content providers…and turn over an additional profit at the same time. They call it “Sponsored Data.”


Gifts for the Future with the Timeless Box

Do you remember what it feels like to be a kid on Christmas Eve? The magic. The anticipation. The expectation. Feeling like time has slowed down and you’re lying awake and you’ll never ever be able to fall asleep and then you open your eyes and it’s Christmas morning—do you remember? That’s the power of anticipation…and Timeless Box has, amazingly, figured out how to gift-wrap it.


Coin and Bitcoin: The Change in your Wallet

In an unusual turn of events, there were more coins in the headlines this week than there are in the average 10-year-old’s piggy bank. Between the announcement of Coin’s all-in-one credit card and the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin currency, one thing is certain: change is coming.


Ericsson Radio Dot System: Where No Cell Signal Has Gone Before

When it comes to cell phone service, the average office building might as well be Superman’s Fortress of Solitude—hardly anything gets in or out. But the frustrated cries of office workers in cellular distress have not gone unheard; Swedish telecom giant Ericsson is flying to the rescue with a solution. They call it the Radio Dot System.


Phonebloks: the LEGO-like Modular Smartphone

Innovator Dave Hakkens became an overnight sensation this past week with his concept video for PhoneBloks, the customizable snap-together smartphone. Touted as “a phone worth keeping,” the Phonebloks idea could potentially revolutionize the cell phone industry and begin to dismantle the dominant perspective that tells us cell phones are a disposable commodity. (more…)

App Diet or App A.D.D.?

New research reveals that consumers are spending less time on apps, but feel more engaged by them. In a trend that is similar to some diets, the average person has begun to use apps in smaller portions, and with greater frequency. The question is, does that reflect a decline in the attention span of American culture, or an increase in the quality and efficiency of information delivery through mobile applications? Or is it a deceptive statistic? (more…)